Gomal University

Directorate of Academics

The Directorate of Academics is the hub of the University for developing, reviewing and monitoring the academic activities to ensure proper implementation of academic regulations and policies in line with the international standards and requirements of accreditation bodies. It regularly reviews rules and regulations for improving examination system and transparency of this system and updates academic programs to ensure quality of curricula, courses and scheme of studies and allied infrastructure. It prepares yearly program of study (academic calendar) for the university and coordinates and facilitates academic meetings through the Departmental Boards of Studies, the Faculty Boards of Studies, the Advanced Studies and Research Board and, culminating in, the University Academic Council. The Directorate schedules, plans and conducts meetings of the academic bodies and follows up on it decisions.

Designation Name Contact No Exchange Email
Director Academics Dr. Aziz Javed 0966-920819 0966-750424 (Ext: 122) director.acad@gu.edu.pk
Senior Clerk Mr. Qazi Muhammad Nadeem 0966-920819 0966-750424 (Ext: 197)  
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