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Career Counselling and Placement Centre (CC & PC)

The Career Guidance and Placement Centre has to be developed and strengthened with various facilities like separate rooms, manpower, library, computer, internet etc, in a proper and organized manner. With availability of resources from the Higher Education Commission, it will be turned into specialized Centre so that it is in a position to provide supporting services demanded by the students.

Technical Parameters:

The following services/programmes are being proposed to be included or strengthened to meet the expectations and requirements of the students:

  • Career Counselling
  • Placement Service
  • Physical Infrastructure to accommodate the above Services

Career Counselling

To meet the requirements of these services, the following information facilities are proposed to be provided:

Career Contact Network

The Centre plans to publish Directories of various Department consisting of their alumni in order to enable the students contact them for career information, guidance and job prospects.

Quarterly Newsletter

The Centre intends to publish a quarterly newsletter carrying latest information and data on education and career issues and other related information and articles for the information of students.

Psychological Counselling

The Centre will assist students in overcoming stress management, anxiety, behaviour, emotional, and other problems affecting their studies.

Functions of Placement Centre

  • To identify and match job with those of a job seeker’s interests and abilities.
  • To look for range of jobs available in the area of the student’s interests.
  • To plan a strategy to locate available job opportunities in the chosen field.
  • To assist students to develop variety of interest fields as they grow.
  • To identify new and emerging disciplines for introduction in the University according to market trends to facilitate job placement.
  • To develop and maintain a career resource library that includes hard copy and electronic materials and information on occupations, employers and candidate assessment.
  • To create and updating a database of current jobs available at all levels.
  • To conduct follow-up studies on the employment trends of graduates of the institution and disseminate this information as necessary.

Where do we work?

  • To look after the training and placement activities of students
  • To have close liaison with industry for placement of students  
  • To work in consultation with Coordinator Industry‐Institute Interaction for organizing lectures from the professionals from industry.
  • To collect feedback from the companies coming for placement
  • Arrange Training programmes for soft skills and for interview facing skills for the students using institutional and external expertise.

 Mobile: 0092-321-9604166

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