Gomal University

Message of the Director ORIC:

Our endeavors are to make our students useful to the society in particular and the people in general. The Gomal University is the 2nd oldest University of the Province and (probably the biggest). It was the first of its kind in the Southern Districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa founded by Z. A. Bhutto in 1974. The vision of the university is to:-

The university envisions itself as a premier national, academic & research institution to develop sound and strong knowledge base in all the disciplines of the University by strengthening teaching and learning.

To promote scientific research in physical and social sciences.

To develop critical and analytical mind among faculty and students in order to evolve and develop good academic/research culture.

Develop patterns of education that promotes quality scientific and technological development, freedom, unity, harmonization, peace, and understanding of our cultural & historical diversity

ORIC has been making endeavors for student’s conferences at national level and aiming to launch an international conference. This would in turn facilitate students to enhance their educational skills and gain experience of presentation on a platform to foster academia-industry collaborations, and to evaluate emerging technologies and latest developments in the related fields.

ORIC is determined to achieve the impressive goal of crafting industrial linkages, research culture, and new innovation of wining projects from HEC, Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) and international collaboration with foreign Universities. Gomal University will lead to a forum of international standards and will co-opt all prerequisites mandatory to become a leading University in the region and abroad INSHAH ALLLAH.

Dr. Barkat Ali Khan
Phone Office: (0966)750006
Cell No. +923216808955

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