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Doctor of Philosophy in Sports Sciences and Physical Education (PHD)

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  1. Department of Sports Sciences under Faculty of Allied Health Sciences at The Gomal University is one of the few platforms in the whole country that is offering PhD in Sports Sciences and Physical The objectives of this program are:
  2. The program will train the students to understand and master advance research and analysis
  3. The program will introduce the students to the advance statistical analyses and inferences to strengthen the physiological basis for exercise and physical activity in direct application to physical fitness and athletic
  4. The program will facilitate the students to learn contemporary fitness testing and prescribe & administer exercise 
  5. The program will familiarize the students to the modern concepts of health and wellness programs while applying advance measurement and evaluation techniques for designing, implementing, and evaluating a
  6. The program will enable the students to analyze the social settings, propose and execute an event management strategy and turn it into a lucrative business
Enter Requirements

M.Phil with Sports Sciences and Physical Education

1st Semester
Code Course Credit Hours
Ph.D-911 Advanced Measurement and Statistic 3(3-0)
Ph.D-912 Scientific Coaching in Sports 3(3-0)
Ph.D-913 Research Methods in Sports Sciences and Physical Education 3(3-0)
2nd Semester
Code Course Credit Hours
Ph.D-921 Sports Physiology 3(3-0)
Ph.D-922 Sports Management 3(3-0)
Ph.D-923 Physiology of Sports and Exercise 3(3-0)
3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th Semester
Code Course Credit Hours
Comprehensive Paper 5(5-0)
Research Work 12(12-0)
Code Course Credit Hours
Ph.D-9101 Sports Injuries; Its Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment and Rehabilitation 3(3-0)
Ph.D-9102 Media in Sports 3(3-0)
Ph.D-9103 Computer Skills 3(3-0)
Ph.D-9104 Health and Environmental Sciences 3(3-0)
Ph.D-9105 Technology and E-Learning in Sports Sciences 3(3-0)
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