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S.No. Name Title Session
M Zarar Khan Effect of Neurokinin B Administration on Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Gonadal Axis and Accessory Sex Glands in Pre pubertal Male Rats. 2020-23
Anila Khan Comparative Efficacy of Aloe vera Leaf Extract and Vitamin E on Humoral Immunity, Growth Parameters and Histomorphology of Intestine in Rabbits 2021-24
Zulqarnain Saleem Effect of freezing and thawing on the quality of white meat from chicken and Fish 2021-23
Madiha Hassan Effect of Baker’s Yeast on the Hematology, Serum Biochemistry and Growth Performance of Broilers 2021-23
Fahad Hafeez Study on Physiochemical Properties of Buffalo Milk in Different seasons at District Dera Ismail Khan 2021-23
Ahmed Saeed Effects of subzero storage on the quality of mutton from sheep and goat 2021-23
Musadiq Aman Effect of Eggshell Powder on Prevention of Hypocalcemia in Dairy Cows 2021-23
Mohibullah Effect of Eggshell Powder in Maintenance of Serum Calcium levels in New born Calves 2021-23
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