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The Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics is currently offering M.Sc. (Hons) in M. Sc. (Hons) in Plant Breeding and Genetics. During M.Sc. (Hons) in the first year, students are taught courses and research methodologies related to crop improvement, cytology, cytogenetics, biometry, quantitative genetics, molecular genetics and tissue culture. In the 2nd year, students conduct and defend their research as degree requirement.  After completing this degree, students have gained fundamental knowledge in Plant Breeding that can be applied to a range of crops including annual and perennial horticultural crops, agronomic food and feed crops and forestry products. The faculty comprised of well qualified 6 PhD faculty members, among them three faculty members are foreign PhD graduates. The department possess state of the art labs well equipped for conducting research ranging from molecular breeding, molecular biology, tissue culture and cytogenetics.

Enter Requirements

16 years of education or equivalent with at least 2nd Division under Annual System or with minimum 2.5 out of 4.0 CGPA under semester system in the relevant subject. Valid GAT (General result) or GU Admission Entry Test Result with at least 60% marks

Major Courses
Code Course Credit Hours
PBG 701 Principles of Plant Breeding 3(2-1)
PBG 702 Advanced Genetics 3(3-0)
PBG 703 Molecular Plant Breeding 3(2-1)
PBG 704 Cytogenetics of Crop Plants 3(2-1)
Minor Courses
Code Course Credit Hours
PBG-714 Evolution of Field Crops 3(3-0)
PBG-719 Development of Hybrid and Seed Production 3(2-1)
PBG-706 Breeding for Stress Environment 3(2-1)
PBG-713 Genetic Engineering in Plants 3(2-1)
PBG-718 Genetics of Plant Disease and Insect Resistance 3(2-1)
PBG 723 Thesis (MSc Hons) 06 (0-06)
PBG-724 Special Problem 1(1-0)
Seminar (Synopsis)-I
PBG-724 Seminar-II (Ph.D) 1(1-0)
PBG-725 Seminar-III (Ph.D) 1(1-0)
Seminar Defense-IV
Two Research Papers 
PBG-726 Ph.D Dissertation
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