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The MPhil in Business Administration program aims at developing a student’s intellectual ability in terms of understanding the theoretical and philosophical underpinnings of modern business. The students are encouraged to explore the deepest, broadest questions of life why we exist, how society should organize itself, how institutions should relate to society, and the purpose of human endeavor, to name just a few. The structure of markets, societies and organizations depends on our assumptions about human beings, the global resources and human welfare. The program aims at developing a comparative perspective rather than teaching one school of thought. Another important feature of the program is to develop an integrated thinking so that students can connect the dots amongst the competing political, financial, environmental, ethical, and social interests. The program is essentially research oriented and focuses on academic research having practical applications in real life. The program is suitable both for those who want to pursue academic career and for those who want to pursue professional career.

Entery Requirements
MBA after 16 Years of Business Education
1st Semester
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Code Course Credit Hours
BA-MPHIL- 611 Advanced Research Techniques 3
BA-MPHIL- 612 Knowledge Management 3
BA-MPHIL- 613 International Finance/Change Management/Strategic Marketing 3
BA-MPHIL- 614 Entrepreneurial Finance/International HRM/Marketing Planning 3
2nd Semester
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Code Course Credit Hours
BA-MPHIL- 621 Corporate Governance 3
BA-MPHIL- 622 Research Methodology-2 3
BA-MPHIL- 623 Advance Investment & Portfolio Management/Strategic HRM/ Strategic Brand Management 3
BA-MPHIL- 624 Strategic Credit Management/Performance & Compensation Management/Applied Marketing Research 3
3rd & 4th Semester
Code Course Credit Hours
Research & Thesis 3
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