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The Department of Political Science at Gomal University was established in September 2010 under the visionary leadership of Prof. Dr. Mansoor Akbar Kundi, the university’s Vice-Chancellor. Initially a part of the Department of Public Administration, it gained its separate identity in 2011.

Soon after the establishment of the department, our primary focus is on developing academic excellence and fostering global challenges. We offer programs such as the Four-year BS in Political Science, the Two-year M.Phil. in Political Science, and the Two-year associate degree Program (5th Semester). In the future, we plan to introduce additional programs in international relations, peace and conflict resolution, global studies, and disaster risk management.

Our dedicated faculty members bring a wealth of expertise to the classroom, fostering rigorous research and critical thinking among students. We aim to create a dynamic learning environment that nurtures intellectual curiosity and equips students to tackle contemporary challenges.

In line with our commitment to inclusivity and diversity, we embrace students from diverse backgrounds, enriching the learning experience and fostering a comprehensive understanding of political dynamics and governance.

As we move forward, our vision is for the Department of Political Science at Gomal University to be recognized as a center of excellence, producing visionary leaders who contribute positively to society and global progress. Through these efforts, the department is harnessing youth potential for cultivating ethical leadership, academic excellence, and global engagement, creating a brighter and more interconnected future for all.

  • Standardizing research procedures, emphasizing theory and fieldwork, to equip students for influential problem-solving roles in their future careers.
  • Continuously enhancing the faculty knowledge base and teaching skills through research projects, training programs, and access to up-to-date literature, fostering a culture of academic excellence.
  • Cultivating responsible citizenship and visionary leadership among students, empowering them to make positive contributions to society and the global community.
  • Implementing participatory methods to nurture students’ self-confidence and assertive administration skills, preparing them for leadership roles in various sectors.
  • Providing comprehensive support for personality development, fostering well-rounded individuals with strong communication and interpersonal skills. Equipping students with the latest academic trends and techniques.
  • Promoting discipline, time management, and effective feedback systems to advocate continuous improvement in evaluation methods, reinforcing students’ learning and growth, enabling them to excel academically and professionally.
  • Comprehensive Education: Providing academic training in political science, enhancing theoretical and philosophical understanding, and enabling students to thrive in competitive environments.
  • Visionary Leadership: Equipping leaders with knowledge in political economy, good governance, international relations, and ethical governance, fostering effective foreign policy decisions.
  • Inclusivity and Diversity: Encouraging cooperation in changing dynamics of world politics and embracing inclusivity for global engagement.
  • Rigorous Research: advance knowledge and understanding of politics and government through rigorous research.
  • Ethical & Good Governance: Promoting good governance, transparency, and responsibility in politics, both internal and foreign policy.
  • Global Engagement: Empower as a driving force for producing well-informed and globally aware graduates capable of navigating the complexities of geo-political dynamics.
  • Catalyst for Change: Driving positive transformation in politics, governance, international relations, and foreign policy, aiming for an equitable, sustainable, interconnected world through education, research, and visionary leadership.

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