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Through a combination of coursework and research, students engage with seminal works of English literature and explore diverse theoretical perspectives to interpret and evaluate literary texts. They are encouraged to develop their own research interests and pursue independent inquiries under the guidance of experienced faculty members.

Gomal University provides a conducive academic environment for M.Phil students, offering access to a rich library collection, research resources, and scholarly activities. Students benefit from interactive seminars, workshops, and conferences that facilitate intellectual exchange and scholarly growth.

Upon completion of the program, graduates are equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary for careers in academia, research, publishing, journalism, and other fields where critical thinking and communication skills are valued. The M.Phil in English Literature from Gomal University opens up opportunities for further academic pursuits or professional endeavors in the realm of English studies.

Enter Requirements

Must be having MA English /BS English (16 years of Education) with minimum 2nd division in their academic careers.

1st Semester
Code Course Credit Hours
ENG. 701 Research Methodology 3
ENG. 702 Modern Critical Trends & Literary Theories 3
2nd Semester
Code Course Credit Hours
Eng. 703 Greek Drama
Eng.704 Elizabethan Drama
3rd Semester
Code Course Credit Hours
Eng.709 18th Century Novel
Eng.710 17th Century Prose
Eng.711 Romantic Aesthetics 3
Eng.712 19th Century Novel 3
Eng.713 Postcolonial Literature 3
Eng.714 Modern Drama 8
4th Semester
Code Course Credit Hours
Eng.715 Continental Drama
Eng.716 Sub Continental Literature in English
Eng.717 Modern Novel 3
Eng.718 Modern and Contemporary Poetry 3
Eng.719 Continental Drama 3
Eng.720 Sub Continental Literature in English 8
5th Semester
Code Course Credit Hours
Eng.721 Special Author
Eng.722 Literature and Visual Narratives
Eng.723 Language and Gender
Eng.724 Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA)
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