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The Institute of Chemical Sciences, Gomal University has a rich history and has clearly made significant contributions to the field of Chemistry and scientific research in Pakistan and beyond. The fact that the institute has produced more than 70 PhD students and over 1000 MPhil students speaks to its commitment to nurturing and developing young researchers. Moreover, the success of its graduates in various fields across Pakistan reflects the quality of education and training provided at the institute. The teachers’ success in winning research projects and awards indicates the high level of expertise and dedication within the faculty. This is a strong indication of the institute’s focus on cutting-edge research and its contributions to advancements in chemical sciences. Additionally, offering scholarships and internship programs to talented students demonstrates the institute’s commitment to fostering and supporting young talent, which further strengthens the reputation of the Institute of Chemical Sciences at Gomal University.

Overall, it seems like the Institute of Chemical Sciences has played a significant role in shaping the scientific landscape in Pakistan, and its efforts to produce competent professionals and promote research are commendable.

Mission & Objectives
  • One of the primary objectives is to cultivate students’ research skills. This involves training them in various research methodologies, experimental techniques, and data analysis, enabling them to conduct independent research effectively.
  • To enhance their practical understanding, students are given opportunities to work in well-equipped laboratories. This objective allows them to apply theoretical knowledge, perform experiments, and gain hands-on experience with chemical instrumentation.
  • Institutes often strive to expose students to interdisciplinary research projects. This objective helps them understand the interconnectedness of various scientific disciplines and fosters a holistic approach to problem-solving.
  • The institute aims to provide students with mentorship and guidance from experienced faculty members. This support system helps students navigate their academic journey and research pursuits more effectively.
  • Institutes often have objectives related to preparing students for their future careers. This involves organizing career development workshops, industry visits, and networking opportunities to connect students with potential employers and experts in the field.
  • Instilling a strong sense of research ethics and integrity is crucial. Students are encouraged to conduct research responsibly, following ethical guidelines and maintaining the highest standards of academic honesty.

Director's Message

The Institute of Chemical Sciences is one of the renowned institute at Gomal University, D.I. Khan. It has highly qualified faculty, well equipped Labs, and other basic infrastructure to promote quality education and training in Chemistry. We warmly welcome to young students and researchers to join us for their educational journey and to achieve the excellent goals of prosperous society. Explore our website to learn about our faculty’s breakthroughs, our comprehensive curriculum, and the valuable resources we offer.  


Prof. Dr. Shafiullah Khan

Institute of Chemical Sciences


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