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Software plays a central and underpinning role in almost all aspects of daily life: communications, government, manufacturing, banking and finance, education, transportation, entertainment, medicine, agriculture, and law. The number, size, and application domains of computer programs have grown dramatically; as a result, huge sums are being spent on software development. Most people’s lives and livelihoods depend on this development’s effectiveness. Software products help us to be more efficient and productive. They provide information, make us more effective problem solvers, and provide us with safer, more flexible, and less confining work, entertainment, and recreation environments.

Software Engineering is the application of a systematic, disciplined and quantifiable approach to the design, development, operation, and maintenance of software systems.  It is in fact the practice of designing and implementing large, reliable, efficient and economical software by applying the principles and practices of engineering. The department aims to train students in all aspects of software life cycle from specification through analysis and design to testing, maintenance and evolution of software product.

Enter Requirements

FSc. Pre Engineering / I.C.S / F.A (With Mathematics) /Equivalent

1st Semester
Code Course Credit Hours
CS101 Introduction to Computing 4
CS102 Programming Fundamentals 4
MT101 Calculus and Analytical Geometry 3
PH101 Physics 3
EG101 English I (Functional English) 3
2nd Semester
Code Course Credit Hours
CCC-2 Object Oriented Programming 4
CSSC-1 Differential and Integral Calculus 3
CCC-3 Discrete Structures 3
CGE-3 English Comprehension 3
CGE-4 Pakistan Studies 2
3rd Semester
Code Course Credit Hours
CSC-3 Statistics and Probability 3
CGE-5 Communication Skills 3
CSC-4 Linear Algebra 3
CCC-4 Digital Logic and Design 3
CCC-5 Data Base Systems 4
CSUE-1 Introduction to Marketing 3
4th Semester
Code Course Credit Hours
CCC-6 Operating Systems 4
CSCC-1 Theory of Automata 3
CSEC-1 Web Technologies 4
CCC-7 Data Structures and Algorithms 3
CSSC-2 Differential Equations 3
5th Semester
Code Course Credit Hours
CCC-8 Introduction to Software Engineering 3
CSCC-2 Compiler Construction 3
CSCC-3 Microprocessors and Assembly language 3
CCC-9 Data Communication 3
CSCC-4 Design and Analysis of Algorithms 3
CSUE-2 Fundamentals of Economics 3
6th Semester
Code Course Credit Hours
CSEC-2 Object Oriented Analysis and Design 3
CSEC-3 Computer Networks 3
CGE-6 Technical and Business Writing 3
CSUE-3 Fundamentals of Management 3
CSEC-4 Visual Programming 4
CSSC-4 Numerical Computing 3
7th Semester
Code Course Credit Hours
SE401 Software Quality Assurance 3
CS401 Professional Practice for Computing Professionals 3
CS402 Artificial Intelligence 3
SE Application Domain Elective II 3
*Senior Capstone Project I

* The Marks of Project/Thesis will be awarded after Project/Thesis evaluation in 8th Semester.

8th Semester
Code Course Credit Hours
SE403 Software Testing 3
SE404 Design Pattern 3
SE405 Green Computing 3
Senior Capstone Project II 3
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