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Welcome to the Department of Business Administration! The Department of Business Administration was one of the eleven Departments at the inception of Gomal University in September 1974. This department is dedicated to providing students with a comprehensive and well-rounded education in the field of business and management. Whether you are interested in pursuing a career in entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, human resources, or any other business-related discipline, our department is here to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in today’s dynamic business world.

Our faculty members are experts in their respective fields and bring a wealth of practical experience and academic expertise to the classroom. They are committed to delivering high-quality education, fostering critical thinking, and encouraging students to explore innovative solutions to real-world business challenges.

Throughout your time in the Department of Business Administration, you can expect to engage in a variety of learning experiences. These may include interactive lectures, case studies, group projects, guest lectures from industry professionals, internships, and opportunities to participate in business competitions. By combining theoretical knowledge with practical applications, we aim to develop graduates who are not only academically accomplished but also ready to make a positive impact in the business community. We also encourage students to take advantage of various extracurricular activities, business clubs, and networking events that will enhance your learning experience and help you build valuable connections within the business community.

Whether you aspire to become a successful business leader, start your own venture, or contribute to the growth of existing enterprises, the Department of Business Administration is here to support your academic and professional journey. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals and prepare you for a rewarding and impactful career in the world of business.

Chairman's Message

Welcome to the Department of Business Administration at Gomal University, D-I-Khan. It is my pleasure to extend a warm welcome to you all, whether you are a prospective student, a current member of our faculty, or a curious visitor exploring our department. Our department is committed to fostering an environment of academic excellence, innovation, and ethical leadership. We take pride in equipping our students with the knowledge and skills required to thrive in the ever-evolving world of business. Through rigorous academic programs, industry partnerships, and a dedicated faculty, we strive to prepare our students to become the leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

At the Department of Business Administration, we believe in the power of collaboration and diversity. Our faculty and students come from diverse backgrounds, bringing a wealth of experiences and perspectives to our classrooms and research endeavors. This diversity enriches our learning environment and contributes to a vibrant academic community.

As we move forward, we remain committed to staying at the forefront of business education. Our curriculum evolves to meet the demands of the local and global marketplace, and we embrace new technologies and methodologies to enhance the learning experience. We also encourage research that addresses pressing business challenges and contributes to the advancement of knowledge.

Dr. Shumaila Hashim

Chairman/Associate Professor

Department of Business Administration

Email Address: shumailahashim@gu.edu.pk

Contact No. : +92-966-9280833


Become a visionary leader in business thought and education by fostering knowledge creation, developing innovative programs, and delivering exceptional experiences.


Strive to stand as the primary hub for emerging business leaders and innovative ideas, positioned to catalyze positive transformations in both industry and society. Our unwavering dedication to pioneering research and teaching is geared toward arming leaders with the foresight needed to seize tomorrow’s opportunities.

  • Enhance standards to attract the best students and faculty.
  • Create distinctive technological, entrepreneurial and global focus.
  • Promote professional graduate programs.
  • Engage with external audience in the best possible way.
  • Improve physical and technological infrastructure.
  • Generate greater financial resources.
  • Practice for participation in the field of international finance, economics, trade and commerce, industry services, human resource, marketing and management.
  • Encourage affiliation with organizations, societies associations and institutions to project a good image, good reputation and recognition to our graduates worldwide.
  • Provide an effective teaching and learning environment through encouraging critical thinking, ethical conduct and effective decision making.

Undertake original research for improving teaching and promoting business, good governance and a prosperous civil society.


Master in Business Administration

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