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The mission of the program is to prepare students strong foundation in the field of Physics and its associated technologies; such as Quantum Mechanics, Relativity, Statistical mechanics, Classical Mechanics, EMT, MMP, Material Science, nanotechnology. Due to the diversity of options available to the students, they will learn advanced-level physics courses. We wish to prepare our students to conduct an independent scientific and analytical research to paste themselves with the new developments in the discipline suitable for career in academia and industry.

Enter Requirements

12 Years of Education, intermediate or equivalent with Physics and Mathematics, with minimum 45% marks, from an accredited institution.

1st Semester
Code Course Credit Hours
Gen-1001 English-I (Reading & Writing Skills) 3
Gen-1002 Islamic Studies 2
Maths-1501 Calculus-I 3
Phys-1001 Mechanics 3
Phys-1002 Optics 3
Gen-1003 Fundamentals of Computer 3
Phys-1601L Physics Lab-I(Mechanics/ Optics I) 1
2nd Semester
Code Course Credit Hours
Gen-1004 English-II (Composition Writing) 3
Gen-1005 Pak Studies 2
Maths-1502 Calculus-II 3
Gen-1006 Computing (language & Techniques) 3
Phys-1003 Heat and Thermodynamics 3
Phys-1004 Electricity & Magnetism 3
Phys-1602L Physics Lab:-II (Thermodynamics/ Hydromechanics) 1
3rd Semester
Code Course Credit Hours
Gen-2007 English-III(Communication &Presentation Skill) 3
Gen-2008 Philosophy of Science 3
Maths-2503 Analytical Geometry & Differential Equation 3
Maths-2504 Fundamentals of Statistics 3
Phys-2004 Waves & Oscillations 3
Phys-2603L Phy.-Lab: III (Electricity & Magnetism/ Waves and Oscillation) 1
4th Semester
Code Course Credit Hours
Phys-2005 Modern Physics-I 3
Maths-2505 Applied Mathematics. 3
Maths-2506 Linear Algebra 3
Gen -2009 Chemistry (Physical Chemistry &Spectroscopy) 3
Phys-2701 Basic Electronics 3
Phys-2604L Lab-IV (Modern Physics) 1
5th Semester
Code Course Credit Hours
Phys-3201 Electromagnetism-I 3
Phy- 3100 Classical Mechanics 3
Maths-3507 Mathematical Methods of Physics-I 3
Phy-3101 Thermal Physics 3
Phy-3702 Electronics-I ( Electronics Devices) 3
Phy-3605L Lab-V (Electronics) 2
6th Semester
Code Course Credit Hours
Phys-3107 Topic in General Physics* 3
Phys-3202 Electromagnetism-II 3
Phys-3703 Electronics-II 3
Maths-3508 Mathematical Methods of Physics-II 3
Phys-3301 Quantum Mechanics-I 3
Phys-3606 Lab-VI ( Electronics-II) 2
7th Semester
Code Course Credit Hours
Phys-4302 Quantum Mechanics-II 3
Phys-4015 Modern Physics-II 3
Phys-4103 Nuclear Physics-I 3
Phys-4401 Solid state Physics 3
Phys-4108 Topic in General Physics* 3
Phys-4607 Lab: VII (Optics-II) 2
8th Semester
Code Course Credit Hours
Phy-4203 Computational Physics 3
Phy-4104 Nuclear Physics-II 3
Phy-4105 Statistical Mechanics 3
Phy-4109 Topics in General Physics* 3
Phy-4016 Atomic Physics 3
Phy-4608 Phy. Lab VIII ( Nuclear Physics) 2
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