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Faculty Overview

The Faculty of Science at Gomal University is a prestigious academic institution dedicated to providing quality education and fostering research excellence in various scientific disciplines. Situated in Dera Ismail Khan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, it has a rich history of producing skilled professionals and contributing to scientific advancements.

The faculty offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs across a wide range of fields, including Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, and Biochemistry & Biotechnology. It boasts a highly qualified faculty comprised of experienced professors and researchers who are actively engaged in cutting-edge research projects, publishing papers in renowned journals, and securing grants for scientific exploration.

In addition to academic programs, the Faculty of Science at Gomal University emphasizes practical training and hands-on experience through well-equipped laboratories and research facilities. Students have the opportunity to engage in experiential learning, conducting experiments, and participating in fieldwork to enhance their understanding and skills in their respective fields.

The faculty is committed to fostering a conducive learning environment that promotes critical thinking, innovation, and problem-solving skills among its students. Various seminars, workshops, and conferences are organized regularly to expose students to the latest developments and trends in science and technology.

Furthermore, the Faculty of Science actively collaborates with industry partners, government agencies, and international institutions to facilitate research collaborations, internships, and exchange programs for students and faculty members.


  1. Education: Providing high-quality undergraduate and graduate education in various scientific fields, including biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics and computer science
  2. Research: Conducting cutting-edge research to expand the frontiers of scientific knowledge, address fundamental questions in science, and solve real-world problems. This involves both basic research aimed at understanding fundamental principles and applied research focused on addressing specific challenges.
  3. Innovation: Fostering innovation and entrepreneurship by translating scientific discoveries into practical applications, technologies, and solutions that benefit society, the economy, and the environment.
  4. Collaboration: Facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration and partnerships within the scientific community, as well as with industry, government agencies, and other stakeholders, to tackle complex challenges and maximize the impact of scientific research and education.
  5. Outreach: Engaging with the broader community through outreach activities, public lectures, science fairs, and other initiatives to promote scientific literacy, inspire the next generation of scientists, and foster an appreciation for the value of science in society.
  1. Research Excellence: To conduct high-quality, innovative research across various scientific disciplines, pushing the boundaries of knowledge and contributing to advancements in science and technology.
  2. Education and Training: To provide rigorous and comprehensive education and training in science, equipping students with the knowledge, skills, and critical thinking abilities needed to excel in their chosen fields and to become future leaders in science and related professions.
  3. Interdisciplinary Collaboration: To foster interdisciplinary collaboration and partnerships both within the Faculty and with external institutions, enabling faculty members and students to tackle complex scientific challenges from multiple perspectives and to address pressing societal issues.
  4. Knowledge Transfer and Innovation: To facilitate the transfer of scientific knowledge and technology from academia to industry, government, and society, promoting innovation, economic growth, and societal development.
  5. Public Engagement and Outreach: To engage with the broader community through outreach activities, public lectures, science communication, and other initiatives aimed at promoting scientific literacy, inspiring curiosity, and fostering an appreciation for the value of science in addressing global challenges.
  6. Ethical and Responsible Conduct: To uphold the highest standards of integrity, ethics, and responsible conduct in scientific research and education, promoting transparency, accountability, and social responsibility in all aspects of academic activity.
  7. Diversity and Inclusion: To cultivate a diverse and inclusive environment that values and celebrates differences in background, perspective, and experience, fostering creativity, innovation, and excellence in science.
Dean's Message

Welcome you all to the science faculty.  You have aimed to be a teacher and aspired to educate the youth of the future. You can be sure that you will find all kinds of possibilities needed for education, teaching and Research in order to be able to grow further more for the future generations of our country, and to sustain the culture and values of our nationality.

Our faculty has been guided by an academic, effective management approach that is innovative, entrepreneurial, productive, participative, sharing, working with team spirit. We have a qualified academic staff who stands out with their education, teaching and academic work, working efficiently to develop their student, Department and faculty. With the possibilities of today’s technology, we will be happy to help you get prepared for this scared job in the most favorable conditions.

At this point our only goal is to have the equipment you will need to raise generations to build the bright future of the country. You will have the opportunity to prepare yourself with activities that will contribute to your social, cultural and moral development while continuing your academic development on the one hand with valuable academicians and various foreign experiences. In addition, you will prepare for the profession in the most appropriate way by reinforcing your knowledge of your field of specialization with observations and applications. You will be prepared to discuss the improvements in education, to produce solutions, to express yourself freely and to be ready for multidirectional teaching as well as to be responsible citizen

I wish you success during your education. Allah bless you all with successful future ahead. Ameen

Prof Dr Rubina Naz

Dean faculty of science

Gomal University



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