Gomal University

Taking the charge of Gomal University is a pleasant experience. This strategically unique – comprehensive university of KP (with all faculties – Science, Arts, Engineering, Pharmacy, Veterinary, Agriculture etc.) has enormous potentials including but not limited to hundreds of thousands of alumni all across the globe, diverse student population from all the provinces of Pakistan, highest student body from the former FATA region and the highest number of international students in any in land public sector university. The commitment of faculty members and students for attaining high standards of instructional environment is pleasantly amazing.

I am writing to express my grave concern over the sudden and deadly outbreak of corona pandemic – COVID-19 and resultant disturbance, thereby caused, of all planned academic activities. Corona pandemic has not only affected Gomal University and our motherland but has also touched the whole humanity across the globe. This is, no doubt, a hard time and Gomal family does feel the intense pain and is hopeful that this nightmare will be over soon. The lockdowns and restrictions will be lifted and once people will be free to lead a normal routine life of their own. However, during these testing and demanding times, lives of many low paid/ daily wage-workers are in distress and they are hardly able to earn bread and butter. All such deserving and needy people need our special attention. We shall donate generously according to our religious teachings and Sunnah. So, please come forward and play your part selflessly, actively and vigorously; donate Zakat, Sadqaat and any other possible charity (ies) at this critical juncture. Moreover, the real motive and spirit shall be to serve our brethren and humanity without any ostentation. Allah, the Almighty will reward us all for this.

In these threatening and challenging days, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the frontline heroes (health professionals, army personnel and policemen) for their consistent, selfless and tireless efforts to save the lives of Corona infected patients, to control the spread of the disease by risking their own precious lives. It’s a great and matchless service. We also have heroes amongst us too. It is indeed a moment of immense pleasure and pride for the Gomal Family, amid this crisis, that Dr. Muzammil (Faculty GCBB) and his team has successfully acquired the ability and conducted COVID-19 tests at Mufti Mehmood Hospital. Dr. Muhammad Badar (Director GCBB) and Dr. Muzzamil deserve our applause as they are in the process to uplift this capacity from 14 tests in a single day to 96 test samples at one go through our sophisticated research machine that will bring our D.I. Khan testing capacity at par with the best labs of the country. By taking the opportunity, I also want to acknowledge the role of Pakistan Army and Health Department, KP for their overwhelming support and keen interest in this project. I must acknowledge the role, contribution and services of another Gomalian hero, Dr. Numan (Faculty Pharmacy), who has been advocating passive immunization for the treatment of COVID-19.

Due to aforementioned prevailing circumstances, Pandemic and declared Health emergency, March 16 to May 31 is integrated within the spring semester as vacations. However, to convert this challenge into opportunity, faculty members and students are fully engaged for new experience of online courses. It is pertinent to mention here that Gomal is among the leading universities of the nation establishing trends in online instructions. The efforts of all Deans, Directors, Heads of Departments, faculty members and students especially Dr. Niamatullah Babar (Director Graduate Studies), Dr. Ijaz (Director IT) and Dr. Ishtiaq Ahmed, Dean (Incharge) Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FET) are hereby acknowledged for taking keen interest in this project and to place Gomal University, Dera Ismail Khan in the leading universities of the Country.

The university is open to all, for suggestions and ideas to uplift the academic and research standards. We, all the stakeholders, envision bringing its level at par with the leading universities of the World within three year (In Sha’Allah).

Prof.Dr.Shakeeb Ullah


Gomal University, Dera Ismail Khan

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