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The world’s population is estimated to reach 9.6 billion by 2050, more food and more nutritious food will be needed, making crop plants even more important to feed a hungry world. Plant Breeding is a critical tool to feed the fast-growing global population and to ensure food security in the era of climate change. Plant Breeding and Genetics at Gomal University is a home to many distinguished scientists performing extraordinary in different domains all over Pakistan.

The department provides excellent teaching and research facilities to students and scholars through conventional and non-conventional advance techniques. The faculty and staff are devoted to excellence in education. The department’s goal is to provide state of the art techniques to students and scholars. In addition, the department trains work force to tackle the low production of crop yield i.e. qualitatively and quantitatively to overcome the main problem of food deficiency in the country.

The Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics is currently offering B.Sc. (Hons) 4 years, M.Sc. (Hons) 2 years and Ph.D programs. During B.Sc. (Hons) and M.Sc. (Hons) students are taught courses and research methodologies related to crop improvement, cytology, cytogenetics, biometry, quantitative genetics, molecular genetics and tissue culture. After completing this degree, students have gained fundamental knowledge in Plant Breeding that can be applied to a range of crops including annual and perennial horticultural crops, agronomic food and feed crops and forestry products. The Department offers advanced courses and research guidance to Ph.D scholars. At present the department has 50s enrolled students (undergraduate, graduate and Ph.D). In PBG Department, you will find the teaching and research environment friendly, student centered, and ethical.

Director's Message

It brings me great joy to extend a warm welcome to our students who have been in search of an esteemed educational institution. We are delighted to have you to join the Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics, Faculty of Agriculture Gomal University Dera Ismail Khan.  Choosing an esteemed institute where to further your education is a significant decision, and I am confident that choosing Gomal University will prove to be a decision you will cherish. This is particularly true if you possess ambition and a strong determination to excel, both on a national and international scale.

Our faculty is dynamic and forward-thinking, dedicated to achieving excellence in both teaching and research. The Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics offers a wide range of opportunities for your personal growth and learning in the years ahead, so be prepared to seize these prospects. You will enjoy an environment that is conducive to high-quality education, learning, and research, led by some of the most renowned and competent faculty members, both nationally and internationally.

We provide a diverse array of study programs spanning numerous professional disciplines, offering you a broad horizon to explore. I trust that your time here at Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics, Gomal University will lay a solid foundation for a brighter tomorrow and serve as an inspiration for the generations to come. I extend my best wishes for your future endeavors.

  1. Training of human resources, in the field of plant breeding and genetics skilled with conventional and innovative techniques, so that they can deliver emphatically in research and development.
  2. Capacity building in plant breeding and genetics through Under- and Post-graduate degree programs.
  3. Up gradation of teaching and research facilities to the international standards for developing human capital to address crop production issues.
  4. Development/strengthening of linkages with industry sister organizations and foreign scientists / Institutions.

Development and standardization of breeding and plant genetic methods/procedures in various crop plants.

  1. To impart academic and research teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
  2. To plan and conduct basic and applied research in cereals, fiber crops, oil seeds and pulse crops.
  3. To suggest recommendations to farmers and breeders especially those working on semi-arid zone crops.
  4. To develop linkages with provincial and national research institutions to undertake collaborative research.
  5. To produce skilled work force to tackle the food security problems and be able to produce crops with better yield, drought tolerance and high disease resistance.
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