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The Clinical Sciences department is the basic requirement of any veterinary institution. It is mainly concerned with the teaching, research and clinical work with regards to surgical and medical problems of various animals. The department is the vital section which is responsible for the training of undergraduate students and Para vet diploma students (LDA and DVAS) in the field of Veterinary Surgery and medicine. This is a multidimensional department where educational, scientific and clinical activities are fully integrated with those of the entire University and the veterinary institutes. The department works hard to improve the health and well-being of animals and help in the subsistence and livelihood of people engaged with working and production animals in the area, which ultimately helps to support the economy of Pakistan. CS also helps to train and develop human resource pool by educating and training of various segments of population by providing effective and centered education, conducting research according to local conditions and international standards, and at the same time providing veterinary services to veterinary components.
The department, trains and educate students in the field of Veterinary Surgery to become leading surgeons, clinicians, academicians and researchers. The development and training of veterinary students is done in an integrated way in the university where the pre-clinical subjects are taught in the first two years and the clinical subjects are taught the next three years of their education, after which they achieve their undergraduate degree titled Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM). The Department manages Surgery Section, Surgery Clinic, Indoor Hospital and Shoeing Section. There is also pet clinic where the surgery and treatment of various pets is carried out throughout the year. There is also a facility of X-Ray for small animals to strengthen veterinary profession. CS department is also equipped with ultrasound facility for pregnancy diagnosis and other diagnostic purposes of small animals and pets. Theriogenology section of CS department is also equipped with modern portable Ultrasound equipment which helps the vets for the pregnancy diagnosis in far areas of District Dera Ismail Khan.

  1. Mission of the Department of Clinical Sciences is to improve, rehabilitate and advance the health and well-being of animals.
  2. To uplift the livelihood of humans through professional skills.
  3. To protect and safeguard the environment
  4. To uplift the veterinary profession through the provision of trained and skill manpower as a result of committed veterinary education, research, and clinical services (both on-campus and off-campus) civic engagement trainings to the community at large.
  5. A big practical platform for undergraduates and para vet students.
  1. The primary objective of this department is to impart teaching and training of undergraduate enrolled in DVM and Para vet students of FVAS.
  2. In parallel, it provides clinical and extension services to the animal breeders and farmers.
  3. The department intends to create inclusive environment for its graduate students and faculty to interact, enhance capacity building, and strengthen the postgraduate program under this clinical platform.
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