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Gomal University, situated in Dera Ismail Khan, Pakistan, hosts an esteemed department dedicated to Islamic Studies. This department offers a comprehensive exploration of Islam’s various facets, including its rich history, theology, jurisprudence, and spiritual dimensions. Through rigorous academic programs, students delve into the sacred texts such as the Quran and Hadith, gaining insight into the foundational principles and practices of Islam.

The Islamic Studies department at Gomal University also provides courses on Islamic civilization, contemporary issues, and comparative religion, fostering a nuanced understanding of Islam’s global significance and its interactions with diverse cultures and societies.

Moreover, the department serves as a hub for research, scholarship, and intellectual exchange, nurturing critical thinking and academic inquiry among students and faculty. By promoting dialogue and understanding, the Islamic Studies department contributes to the cultivation of individuals who are not only well-versed in Islamic knowledge but also equipped to engage constructively with contemporary challenges and contribute positively to their communities and the broader society.

Enter Requirements

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1st Semester
Code Course Credit Hours
English I لغة إنجليزية 3
Pakistan Studies الدراسات الباكستان 3
Mathematics علم الریاضیات 3
Word Formation –1 صرف 3
Arabic Grammar –1 نحو 3
Rhetoric البلاغة 3
2nd Semester
Code Course Credit Hours
English-II لغة إنجليزية 3
Islamic Studies/Ethics (Compulsory) الدراسات الإسلامية 3
Stat – I علم الإحصاء 3
Word Formation –2 صرف 3
Linguistics علم اللغة 3
Arabic Grammar –2 نحو 3
3rd Semester
Code Course Credit Hours
English-III لغة إنجليزية 3
Introduction to Computer المدخل إلى الحاسوب 3
Social works الأعمال الخيرية 3
Classical Arab Literature-1 (Pre. Isl.) الأدب العربى القديم (العصر الجاهلى) 3
Arabic Grammar – نحو 3 3
4th Semester
Code Course Credit Hours
Iqbaliyat الاقبالیات 3
Classical Arab Literature-2 (Isl. & Umayyad) الأدب العربى القديم ( الإسلامي و الأموي) 3
Rhetoric البلاغة 3
Information and Communication Technologies مهارات الاتصال والابلاغ 3
Arabic Languages-II (F-5) 3
Arabic Grammar – نحو 4 3
5th Semester
Code Course Credit Hours
Linguistics علم اللغة 3
Classical Arab Literature- (Abbasid) الأدب العربى القديم ( العباسی) 3
Religious Literature الأدب الدينى (القرآن و الحدیث) 3
Rhetoric البلاغة العربية 3
Classical Literature Criticism النقد الأدبي القديم 3
6th Semester
Code Course Credit Hours
Modern Arabic Literature نثرالعربي الحديث 3
Rhetorical training تدريبات بلاغية 3
Prosody and Rhyme علم العروض و القافية 3
Classical Arab Literature-4(Andalus and Ottoman) الأدب العربى القديم( الأندلسي و العثماني) 3
Text translation ترجمة النصوص 3
Communication Skills /Tongue Skills مهارات اللسان(الشقوية) 3
7th Semester
Code Course Credit Hours
Literary Modern Criticism النقد الأدبي الحديث 3
Methodology of Research in Arabic منهج البحث و التحقيق 3
Linguistics علم اللغة 3
Media Arabic العربية الاعلانية 3
Arabic literature in Spain الأدب العربي في أسبانيا 3
Pioneers of Thought in Modern Arabic رواد الفكر في العربي الحديث 3
8th Semester
Code Course Credit Hours
Modern Arabic Poetry شعر العربى الحديث 3
Selection from Arabic literature النصوص المختارة من الأدب العربى 3
Composition and Conversation الإنشاء و المحادثه (Stories, Letters & Applications) 3
Research / investigation / project البحث / التحقيق / المشروع 3
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