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Postgraduate Diploma / Certificate in Medical Genetics

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Medical genetics refers to the application of genetics (human genetics) in healthcare settings and clinical practice. For example, finding a mutation in a patient with inherited genetic disorders (i.e. genetic diagnosis), management, and counseling of other family members at risk of medical complications is the practical application of medical genetics.

Enter Requirements

Admission Requirement: Medical and Allied Health Sciences (e.g., MBBS, BDS, Medical Lab Technology, Pharmacy or any Health Sciences related discipline)

1st Trimester
Code Course Credit Hours
Molecular Biology 3+0
Human Genetics and Genomics 3+0
Medical Biochemistry 3+0
Molecular Genetics 3+0
2nd Trimester
Code Course Credit Hours
Fundamental Bioinformatics 1+2
Genetic Diagnosis and Genetic Counselling 3+0
Basic Pathology 3+0
Ethical aspects in Genetics 3+0
3rd Trimester
Code Course Credit Hours
Biochemical Genetics 3+0
Molecular basis of Human Genetic Diseases 3+0
Internship / Case report study etc 30
4th Trimester
Code Course Credit Hours
Internship/ Case report study etc
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