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Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Biochemistry

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This course is a theoretical and practical course covering most areas of clinical biochemistry which will include the following topics: body water, electrolytes, acid-base balance and blood gases, carbohydrates metabolism and its disorders, kidney function tests (KFT) and its disorders, liver function tests (LFT) and its disorders, clinical enzymology, proteins metabolism and its disorders, and hormones of endocrine system and their disorders.

Scope of Clinical Biochemistry

  • Clinical biochemistry is concerned with biochemical features that are entangled in several conditions. Quantitative and qualitative analysis of body fluids aids the clinicians in the diagnosis and treatment of the disease along with organ transplantation, tissue, drug monitoring.
  • Clinical biochemistry is used in clinical prognosis, manufacturing of different biological products, nutrition, treatment of diseases. Clinical biochemistry also deals with disclosing the abnormalities in the metabolism.
  • This field plays a pivotal role in the health sector through curation and prevention of a nation’s health delivery network.
  • Clinical biochemists also take care of the development of any disease and treatment of the patients.

Job Scopes:

Numerous job prospects in clinical biochemistry are made available by a post-graduate diploma in the subject. After completing the training, some of the employment profiles that are available include:

o          Clinical biochemist in Hospital Laboratories

o          Medical Lab Technician

Enter Requirements

Admission Requirement: Medical and Allied Health Sciences (e.g., MBBS, BDS, Medical   Lab   Technology,   Pharmacy   or   any   Health Sciences related discipline)

1st Semester
Code Course Credit Hours
Philosophy of clinical biochemistry/clinical utility 3+0
Enzymes 3+0
Liver function/disease 2+1
Disorders of detoxification and excretory mechanisms - renal 2+1
2nd Trimester
Code Course Credit Hours
Acid-base disorders 2+1
Endocrinology disorders 2+1
Plasma proteins in disease 2+1
Electrolyte Imbalances 2+1
Case studies/ short term internship 2+1
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