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Biotechnology presents substantial opportunities to greatly enhance the efficiency and productivity of biological processes. As a result, this innovative technology carries tremendous potential for completely transforming the genetic manifestation of specific traits in plants, animals, and humans. This includes the alteration of growth patterns, identification of diseases, and reduction of unwanted genetic traits. The consequences have far-reaching impacts on sectors like agriculture, healthcare, industry, and biodiversity conservation, and also play a significant role in facilitating global business and trade.

Careers In Biotechnology

  • Biotechnologists are the counterparts of all the research institutes ranging from simple medical research centers to highly sophisticated laboratories involved in research on the human genome.
  • Medical diagnostic laboratories are in great need of competent biotechnologists to carry out modern diagnostic tests ranging from DNA fingerprinting to antigen profile detection.
  • Police and other forensic departments need biotechnologists to identify the culprits by using genome profiles and other biotechnology techniques of identification.
  • The agricultural industry needs biotechnologists to improve quality, and quantity and even developing disease resistance in crops.
  • Universities and educational institutes are in search of good biotechnologists who can be engaged as teachers as well as institutional research personnel.
Enter Requirements

(Biotechnology/Microbiology/Biochemistry/Agriculture/Zoology/Botany/Allied Health Sciences)

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1st Semester
Code Course Credit Hours
MBT-611 Advances in Molecular Biology 3
MBT-612 Recombinant DNA Technology 3
MBT-613 Research Planning & Repot Writing 3
MBT-614 Advances in Cell Biology 3
MBT-615 Advanced Biochemical Techniques 3
MBT-616 Biostatistics & Laboratory Mathematics 3
MBT-617 Bioethics, Biosafety & Dual Use Education 3
MBT-618 Bioprocess Technology 3
MBT-619 Advances in Cell and Molecular Biology 3
MBT-620 Molecular Basis of Plant development 3
MBT-621 Advances in Endocrinology 3
MBT-622 Advances in Protein Chemistry 3
MBT-623 Regulation of Gene Expression 3
MBT-624 Recent Trends in molecular Diagnostics 3
MBT-625 Research Methods in Biotechnology 3
MBT-626 Advances in Environmental Biotechnology 3
MBT-627 Biotechnology Law & Regulation 3
MBT-628 Advances in Pharmacogenomics 3
MBT-629 Advanced Molecular Genetics 3
MBT-630 Advances in Bioinformatics 3
MBT-631 Biophysics 3
MBT-632 Advances in Fermentation Technology 3
MBT-633 Advances in Immunology 3
MBT-634 Metabolic Pathways in Plants 3
MBT-635 Molecular evolutions 3
MBT-636 Molecular Basis of Plant Breeding 3
MBT-637 Advances in Fungal Biotechnology 3
MBT-638 Advances in Microbiology 3
MBT-639 Advances in Microbial Genetics 3
MBT-640 Recent Trends in Biochemical Engineering 3
MBT-641 Protein Engineering & Enzyme Technology 3
MBT-642 Bioremediation and Biodegradation 3
MBT-644 Biotechnology of Non-renewable Resources 3
MBT-644 Advances in Plant Biotechnology 3
MBT-645 Metabolic Engineering & Biofuels 3
MBT-646 Advances in Agriculture Biotechnology 3
MBT-647 Applications of Nano-Biotechnology 3
MBT-648 Advances in Industrial Biotechnology
MBT-649 Advances in Animal Biotechnology 33
MBT-650 Advances in Biosensor Technologies 3
MBT-651 Forensic Sciences 3
MBT-652 Advances in Plant Tissue Culture 3
MBT-653 Advances in Animal Cell Culture 3
MBT-654 Medicinal Plant Biotechnology 3
MBT-655 Biopharming in Plants, principles & Techniques 3
MBT-656 Advances in Proteomics 3
MBT-657 Advances in Genomics 3
MBT-658 Microbial Enzyme Technology 3
MBT-659 Biological Safety and Risk management 3
MBT-660 Advances in Biochemistry 3
MBT-661 Cellular Signaling 3
MBT-662 Advances in Health Biotechnology 3
MBT-663 Advances in Vaccine Research 3
MBT-664 Modern Biotechnology: Principle & Application 3
MBT-700 Molecular Systematics 6
PBT-800 Research Thesis / Project
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