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This degree prepares students for careers in microbiology. The degree emphasizes on bacteriology, virology, mycology, parasitology and immunology and their application to human health, plant and animal agriculture and the environment. The students are admitted after passing Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) in Premedical.  A student earns his or her bachelor of Microbiology degree within four years of full-time study. Courses in the first two years establish a foundation of basic knowledge for the study of microbiology. In the third and fourth year, a vast knowledge and understanding of various analyses of sequenced data, genomics and proteomics. In the final year, students may opt for a research project addressing some scientific problem with focus on the human, industrial, and environmental issues surrounding microbiology.

Entery Requirements

Admission Requirement: (Eligibility):Intermediate (Pre-medical) or equivalent recognized qualification with at least 45% marks.

1st Semester
Code Course Credit Hours
BSM111 English-I 3(3-0)
BSM112 Islamic Studies 3(3-0)
BSM113 Biomathematics 3(3-0)
BSM114 Biochemistry-I 3(2-1)
BSM115 Basic Microbiology 3(2-1)
2nd Semester
Code Course Credit Hours
BSM121 English-II 3(3-0)
BSM122 Pakistan Studies 2(2-0)
BSM123 Biostatistics 3(2-1)
BSM124 Biochemistry-II 3(2-1)
BSM125 Lab & Zoo Animals Welfare and Management 2(2-0)
BSM126 Systematic Microbiology 3(2-1)
3rd Semester
Code Course Credit Hours
BSM231 Computer Application 3(2-1)
BSM232 Human Physiology-I 3(2-1)
BSM233 Introduction to Medical Microbiology 4(2-2)
BSM234 Cell Biology-I 3(2-1)
BSM235 Immunology-I 3(2-1)
4th Semester
Code Course Credit Hours
BSM241 Microbial Physiology 3(2-1)
BSM242 Microbial Genetics 3(2-1)
BSM243 Molecular Biology 3(2-1)
BSM244 Cell Biology-II 3(2-1)
BSM245 Immunology-II 3(2-1)
BSM246 General Pathology 3(2-1)
5th Semester
Code Course Credit Hours
BSM351 Biosafety and Risk Management 3(3-0)
BSM352 Bioinformatics 3(2-1)
BSM353 Principles of Virology 3(2-1)
BSM354 Cell & Tissue Culture Technology 3(2-1)
BSM355 Microbial Enzyme Technology 3(2-1)
6th Semester
Code Course Credit Hours
BSM361 Mycology 3(2-1)
BSM362 Molecular Mechanisms of Antimicrobial Agents 3(2-1)
BSM363 Medical Virology 3(2-1)
BSM364 Food And Dairy Microbiology 3(2-1)
BSM365 Clinical Microbiology 4(2-2)
7th Semester
Code Course Credit Hours
BSM471 Biotechnology 3(2-1)
BSM472 Industrial Microbiology 3(2-1)
BSM473 Clinical Parasitology 2(1-1)
BSM474 Advances in Microscopy and Image Analysis 3(3-0)
BSM475 Epidemology,Public Health and Bioethics 3(2-1)
BSM476 Chemotherapy & Toxicology 2(1-1)
BSM477 Clinical Pathology 2(1-1)
8th Semester
Code Course Credit Hours
BSM481 Developmental Biology 3(2-1)
BSM482 Sociology 3(3-0)
BSM483 Internship 10(10-0)
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