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To provide quality education and training in the frontiers of Microbiology at the cutting edge of scientific development in this dynamic field, so that our graduates may become qualified and competitive to seek and obtain leadership position in different fields of research, academics, public health and industry, thus help in Pakistan’s industrial and economic development.

This degree prepares students for careers in microbiology. The degree emphasizes on bacteriology, virology, mycology, parasitology and immunology and their application to human health, plant and animal agriculture and the environment. The students are admitted after passing BS honor in Microbiology, Zoology, Allied Health Sciences.  This M.phil Program is composed of 4 semesters. In the semester 1 and 2 the candidate will complete their course work and in last two semesters students will do their research in different areas of Microbiology and will publish their research work in good reputed International and National journals included in HEC website.

Entery Requirements

Admission Requirement: (Eligibility):BS Microbiology, Zoology, and other medical fields. 60% marks are required to be obtained in test for admission.

1st Semester
Code Course Credit Hours
MICRO-724 Biochemsitry 3
MICRO-704 Advance Virology 3
MICRO-701 Advance Microbiology 3
MICRO-726 Avain Histology 3
MICRO-715 Molecular Biology Techniques 3
2nd Semester
Code Course Credit Hours
MICRO-703 Advanced Bacteriology 3
MICRO-704 Advanced Immunology 3
MICRO-701 Biostatitstics 3
MICRO-726 Microbial geneticsand Functional Genomics 3
3rd & 4th Semester
Code Course Credit Hours
Research & thesis
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