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The M.Phil in Commerce program is an advanced academic pursuit designed to foster a deep understanding of commerce, economics, and business management. This rigorous postgraduate program offers students an opportunity to delve into complex economic and financial theories, develop critical research skills, and gain practical insights into contemporary business practices. With a focus on both theory and application, the M.Phil in Commerce equips students with the knowledge and tools needed to excel in various roles, from academia to industry. Throughout the program, students engage in intensive research, explore emerging trends in commerce, and collaborate with renowned faculty members. Graduates emerge with a comprehensive understanding of commerce, ready to address complex challenges in the world of business, finance, and economics.

Entery Requirements

Admission Requirement: (Eligibility): BS/MS (B.Com (Hons), BBA (Hons), M.Com, MBA) or equivalent recognized qualification with at least 45% marks.

1st Semester
Serial No. Course Credit Hours
ECN512 Research Methodology 3
FIN513 Econometrics 3
FIN514 International Finance 3
ACT515 Entrepreneurial Finance 3
ACT516 Strategic Management Accounting 3
HRM517 Public Sector Accounting 3
MKT518 Green HRM 3
MKT519 Latest Trends in Marketing Research 3
2nd Semester
Serial No. Course Credit Hours
NLG521 Knowledge Management 3
MGT522 Advanced Strategic Management 3
FIN523 Foreign Direct Investment 3
ACT524 Forensic Accounting 3
HRM525 International Labor Laws 3
MGT526 Stress Management 3
MGT527 Advances in Retail Management 3
ITC528 Advanced E-Commerce 3
HRM529 Organizational Theory and Behaviour 3
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