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The subject of plant sciences has undergone tremendous advances all over the world. The BS Botany program will enable the students to be acquainted with the latest knowledge of the plant sciences. The goal of BS 4-year program is to produce competent professionals in the field of Botany who will be capable to face the challenges of the changing world.

Enter Requirements

Intermediate (Pre-medical) or equivalent recognized qualification with at least 45% marks.

1st Semester
Code Course Credit Hours
Bot-301Diversity of Plants4 (3+1)
ZOO-115 Principles of Animal Life-I3(2-1)
CHEM-114Inorganic Chemistry 3(2-1)
PS-112Pakistan Studies2(2-0)
ENG-111English- I3(3-0)
2nd Semester
Code Course Credit Hours
BOT-126Plant Systematics, Anatomy and Development Embryology 3(2-1)
ZOO-125 Principals of Animal Life-II3(2-1)
CHEM-124Organic Chemistry3(2-1)
ENG -121English II3(3-0)
ISL-122 Islamic Studies2(2-0)
3rd Semester
Code Course Credit Hours
BOT-235Cell Biology Genetics and Evolution4 (3+1)
ZOO-234Animal Diversity I4 (3+1)
CHEM- 233Physical Chemistry 3(3-0)
COMP- 232 Introduction to Computer 3(2-1)
Eng- 231 English lll 3(3-0)
4th Semester
Code Course Credit Hours
BOT-243 Plant Physiology and Eccology 4 (3+1)
Bot-244Biodiversity and Conservation4 (3+1)
STAT- 245Biostatistics3(2-1)
ZOO- 242Animal diversity II 3(2-1)
Bot- 241Biological Techniques3(2-1)
5th Semester
Code Course Credit Hours
Bot-501Bacteriology and Virology3(2-1)
Bot-502Phycology and Bryology3(2-1)
Bot-503Mycology and Plant Pathology3(2-1)
Bot-504Diversity of Vascular Plants3(2-1)
Bot-505Plant Systematics3(2-1)
6th Semester
Code Course Credit Hours
Bot-506Plant Anatomy3(2-1)
Bot-508Plant Biochemistry-I3(2-1)
Bot-509Plant Ecology-I3(2-1)
Bot-510Plant Physiology-I3(2-1)
7th Semester
Code Course Credit Hours
Bot-601Molecular Biology3(2-1)
Bot-602Plant Biochemistry-II3(2-1)
Bot-603Plant Ecology-II3(3-0)
BOT-750Research Methodology3(3-0)
BOT-313Gene Cloning3(2-1)
8th Semester
Code Course Credit Hours
Bot-604Plant Physiology-II3(2-1)
Bot-606Environmental Biology3(2-1)
BOT-732Experimental Designs and Computer Application3(2-1)
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