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The subject of plant sciences has undergone tremendous advances all over the world. The MPhil Botany program will enable the students to be acquainted with the latest Research in the field of plant sciences. The goal of MPhil 2-year program is to produce competent professionals/Researchers in the field of Botany who will be capable to face the challenges of the changing world.

Enter Requirements

Admission Requirement: (Eligibility): BS/MSc Botany or equivalent recognized qualification with at least 2.5 CGPA.

No. Semester: 2 Semesters Course Work and 1–2-year research thesis after course work
Code Course Credit Hours
BOT-701Recombinant DNA Technology3
BOT-702Techniques in Molecular Biology3
BOT-703Methods in Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture3
BOT-704Biotechnology for Sustainable Development3
BOT-705Plant Breeding and Horticulture3
BOT-706Proteomics and Genomics3
BOT-707Seed Production Technology3
BOT-708Applied Ethnobotany3
BOT-709Advances in Biotechnology3
BOT-710Plant Cellular Signaling3
BOT-711Plant Breeding3
BOT-712Research Techniques and Instrumentation3
BOT-713Advance Methods in Molecular Biology3
BOT-714Advanced Plant Physiology3
BOT-715Aquatic Botany3
BOT-718Advances in Environmental Biology3
BOT-719Plant Enzymology3
BOT-720Biodiversity and Conservation3
BOT-721Invasive Plant Species3
BOT-723Advanced Phycology3
BOT-724Advanced Phytosociology3
BOT-726Advanced Plant Anatomy3
BOT-727Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition3
BOT-728Soil Microbiology3
BOT-729Soil Plant Relationship3
BOT-730Soil and Water Conservation3
BOT-732Experimental Designs and Computer Application3
BOT-733Advanced Biometrical Techniques2
BOT-735Eco Physiology3
BOT-736Advances in Plant Taxonomy3
BOT-737Forensic Botany3
BOT-738Population structure and dynamics3
BOT-739Fungal Biotechnology3
BOT-740Advanced Bioinformatics3
BOT-741Microbial Biotechnology3
BOT-742Plant Growth & Development3
BOT-743Experimental Techniques3
BOT-746Nano Biotechnology3
BOT-747Biofuel Technology3
BOT-748Plant Microbe Interaction3
BOT-749Nitrogen Biological Fixation3
BOT-750Research Methodology3
BOT-751Fermentation Biotechnology3
BOT-752Plant Neutraceutic3
BOT-753Medicinal and Aromatic Plants3
BOT-754Taxonomy of Gymnosperms3
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