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Research & Publications
Name of Student Supervisor Research or Publication Title Degree Title Session
Sheraz Hussain Dr. Malik Muhammad Hashim Nutritional assessment of composite flour biscuits supplemented with lotus seed (Nelumbo nucifera) powder MSc (Hons) 2022-22
Shams ur Rehman Dr. Noor ul Ain Development and quality evaluation of pumpkin jam prepared with different concentrations of gur MSc (Hons) 2022-22
Muhammad Junaid Dr. Mehwish Zerlasht Exploring the potential of Ajuga leaves powder in functional biscuit formulation MSc (Hons) 2020-22
Kainat Barki Dr. Malik Muhammad Hashim Development and quality evaluation of sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L) jam MSc (Hons) 2019-21
Syed Zeshan Haider Dr. Muhammad Munir Preparation and quality evaluation of ber juice MSc (Hons) 2016-18
Shan Muzamail Dr. Malik Muhammad Hashim Formulation and quality appraisal of beetroot juice blended with lemon juice MSc (Hons) 2016-18
Ammar Yar Dr. Malik Muhammad Hashim Isolation, identification and characterization of lactic acid bacteria from yoghurt and pickle MSc (Hons) 2018-20
Muhammad Bilal Dr. Noor ul Ain Assessment of food safety and hygiene practices of college female students MSc (Hons) 2018-20
Afia Saadat Dr. Malik Muhammad Hashim Investigating fiber supplemented chapati as a diet therapy to combat diabetes mellitus MSc (Hons) 2015-17
Rushna Khan Dr. Malik Muhammad Hashim Effect of olive leaf extract as a functional ingredient and natural preservative on the quality of mango-peach drink MSc (Hons) 2015-17
Sher Hassan Khan Dr. Sadaf Javaria Exploring the potential of polyphenols extracted from potato peels in biscuit formulation MSc (Hons) 2015-17
Habiba Mehboob Dr. Malik Muhammad Hashim Physicochemical and sensory quality of thermally processed sugarcane juice MSc (Hons) 2014-16
Muhammad Zareef Dr. Malik Muhammad Hashim Quality appraisal of functional ready to serve date-basil beverage MSc (Hons) 2014-16
Muhammad Naveed Dr. Malik Muhammad Hashim Evaluation of dough rheology, quality and consumer acceptability of wheat based biscuits supplemented with lentil and oats MSc (Hons) 2013-15
Amara Khan Dr. Sadaf Javaria Physicochemical, cooking and sensory properties of selected rice varieties MSc (Hons) 2012-14
Abdul Hadi Dr. Malik Muhammad Hashim Preparation and storage studies of phalsa squash MSc (Hons) 2012-14
Tayyab Rashid Dr. Malik Muhammad Hashim Preparation of carrot blended juice with orange and ginger extract MSc (Hons) 2012-14
Bushra Safdar Dr. Sadaf Javaria Study on development and standardization of tomato jam: Sensory acceptance and physicochemical analysis during storage MSc (Hons) 2012-14
Muhammad Waqar Dr. Sadaf Javaria Purification and properties of milk-clotting enzyme produced by Bacillus licheniformis MSc (Hons) 2010-12
Muhammad Sibtain Dr. Habib ur Rehman Evaluation of physicochemical characteristics of mango squash MSc (Hons) 2006-08
Jamil Akhtar Dr. Muhammad Munir Storage studies on the stability of lemon squash MSc (Hons) 2005-07
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