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Falak NazDr. Ehsan Ullah KhanStudy of the Heavy Ions interaction (14.0 MeV/u) Pb208 with Pb208 Au197 Using Mica and CN-85 as SSNTDPh.D 1994-2003
Tabassum NasirDr. Javed Jahan BaluchStudy of the Heavy ion Interactions of (11.67 MeV/u) Pb208 + Au197 and Au197 + Au197Ph.D 2003-2007
A. U. QasraniDr. Muhammad KhalidTransient non-Thermility in Surface-Subsurface heterogeneous Catalytic Reaction: Computer SimulationPh.D 2003-2008
Faiz Ullah KhanDr. Noor Abbas Din Study of 13.56 MHz RF Generated Ar-N2 Mixture Plasma for optimizing the active speciesPh.D 2003-2011
Adnan SaeedDr. Muhammad KhalidSmall Field Dosimetry using ISORAD Diode Detectors and its further application in Quality Assurance Ph.D 2010-2015
Abdul Waheed KhanDr. Noor Abbas Din Investigation of Plasma Parametrs and Active SpeciesConcentration in RF-excited Low Temperature PlasmasPh.D 2010-2018
Saadat KhanDr. Muhammad KhalidModeling and Simulation of Nonlinear Structures in PlasmasPh.D 2008-2021
Saadullah JanDr. Muhammad AyubThe Unitary symmetry and masses of ParticlesM.Phil 1983-1986
Shamsul HaqDr. Ghulam Muhammad KhanE2 /M1 Mixing ratio of Even-Even NucleiM.Phil 1983-1989
Abid Ullah JanDr. Ghulam Muhammad KhanIonization Chamber for out core gamma rays dose measurements in nuclear reactorM.Phil 1983-1990
Falak NazDr. Ehsan Ullah KhanReaction cross section of Pb208 projectile with Pb208, Au197 and Ag108 targets at the beam energies of 14.0 MeV/N using Cellulose Nitrate as detectorM.Phil 1987-1990
Faiz UllahDr. Ehsan Ullah KhanThe interaction of Pb208 with Pb208 at the beam energy of 14.0 MeV/N using mica as DetectorM.Phil 1987-1990
A. U. QaisraniDr. Abdul WaheedStudying the effect of applied voltage on the response of CR-39 DetectorM.Phil 1994-1999
Ahmad ShahDr. Muhammad Ayub Masses of Mesons in the quark model with the Breit-Fermi type mass HamiltonianM.Phil 1994-1999
Ghayur UllahDr. Muhammad AyubMasses mass mixing of Baryons with harmonic oscillator Quark Model with Breit-Fermi type mass HamiltonianM.Phil 1994-1999
S. Najmul HassanDr. Javed Jahan BaluchThe Study of Heavy Ion nuclear Reaction of 14.0 MeV/n Xe132 +U238 employing off-line Technique using Mica as Sold State Nuclear Track DetectorM.Phil 1994-1999
M. SajidDr. Javed Jahan BaluchStudy of heavy ion nuclear reaction of 14.0 MeV/n Pb208 + U238 employing off- line Technique using mica as Solid State Nuclear Track DetectorM.Phil 1994-1999
Rubeena TahseenDr. Javed Jahan BaluchAnalysis of Multi Pronged Events of the heavy ion interaction of 14.0 MeV/u Pb208 + U238M.Phil 1999-2002
Shahid RehmatDr. Noor Abbas DinTheoretical study of the effect of operating gas on the dynamic of a Finite- Thick gas-puff Z-pinch PlasmaM.Phil 1999-2003
Abid Fraid Dr. Noor Abbas DinOne dimensional ideal MHD modeling of gas-puff Z pinch PlasmaM.Phil 2001-2004
M. Amir UmarDr. Noor Abbas DinStudy of anomalous heating in a finite thick gas-puff Z-pinch PlasmaM.Phil 2001-2008
Kamran Nasir ParachaDr. Noor Abbas DinStudy the dynamics of Plasma in imploding gas-puff Z-pinchM.Phil 1999-2008
Zahid UsmanDr. Noor Abbas DinComputer Simulation of Plasma7dynamics in plasma focus DeviceM.Phil 2003-2008
Ghulam NabiDr. Noor Abbas DinSynthesis, Characterization and optical properties of nano structured Gallium nitrideM.Phil 2006-2011
Hidayat Ullah ShahDr. Noor Abbas DinImplementation of nitrogen ions on aluminum in plasma focus environmentM.Phil 2006-2012
Ikram UllahDr. Muhammad KhalidSelf-similar dynamics for imploding Z-Pinch Shells in magnetized plasmasM.Phil 2008-2013
Ali AkbarDr. Noor Abbas DinSpectroscopic Investigation of Radicals Concentration in Hydrogen-peroxide dischargeM.Phil 2010-2013
Bakht Yar Akhter Dr. Muhammad KhalidCalibration of CR-39 using the spontaneous fission spectrum of 252CfM.Phil 1999-2014
HaseebullahDr. Ehsan Ullah KhanPatient specific point dose measurement for prostate and head and neck intensity modulated radiotherapy treatment plans M.Phil 2011-2014
Muhammad AsifDr. Ehsan Ullah KhanPlanar & non planar electrostatic waves in non Maxwellian PlasmaM.Phil 2011-2014
Bahader ZebDr. Ehsan Ullah KhanIn vitro study of photosens mediated therapy on human Rhabdomyasarcoma cell line M.Phil 2011-2014
NasrullahDr. Noor Abbas DinCrystillinities, microstructures and optical properties of Gallium Arsenide film on simple microscopic glass substrates M.Phil 2011-2015
FarmanullahDr. Noor Abbas DinPlasma nitriding of SS-304 using active screen cages hollow cathode M.Phil 2011-2015
Mazhar Ali ShahDr. Noor Abbas DinInfluence of annealing temperature on antireflective TiO2 film grown by resistive thermal evaporation techniqueM.Phil 2011-2015
Nauman KhalidDr. Noor Abbas DinCarbon- Ions irradiation effect on ZrN thin film M.Phil 2011-2016
Ajab KhanDr. Noor Abbas DinNon- Linear structures in degenerate relativistic Dense PlasmaM.Phil 2013-2017
Bukhtiar Dr. Noor Abbas DinWakefield Excitations in Multispecies Dusty Plasma with Cairns- Tsallis DistributionM.Phil 2013-2017
Khalid Saeed AkbarDr. Noor Abbas DinGreen Synthesis and Characterization of Silver Nanoparticles by Tobacco leaves ExtractM.Phil 2013-2017
Muhammad Arif Dr. Noor Abbas DinNon-Linear Structures in Degenerate Relativistic Dense PlasmaM.Phil 2013-2017
Muhammad Anwar-ul- haqDr. Noor Abbas DinCharacterization of Capacitively Coupled Helium Plasma Driven at Various FrequenciesM.Phil 2013-2018
Muhammad TariqDr. Noor Abbas DinPlasma Diagnostics of RF induced couple plasma using optical emission spectroscopy M.Phil 2014-2018
Hazrat AliDr. Noor Abbas DinInvestigation of Ne-Ar Plasma Parameters in an Inductively Coupled Plasma dischargeM.Phil 2014-2018
Ambreen AsgharDr. Muhammad KhalidPropagation of Electromagnetic Waves through Non-uniform Dusty Plasma Slab: Computer SimulationM.Phil 2013-2018
Tariq KhanDr. Noor Abbas DinComparative Study of Excitation and Electron Temperatures in Low Temperature He-Ar PlasmaM.Phil 2015-2018
Irshad AhmadDr. Noor Abbas DinOptimization of probe length for investigation of plasma parameters in magnetic pole enhanced inductively coupled plasmas (MaPE-ICPs) M.Phil 2015-2019
Shafaq RiazDr. Noor Abbas DinPlasma Dynamics and Radiation Self Absorption in Plasma Focus devicesM.Phil 2014-2019
Akhtar Ishrat NoreenDr. Noor Abbas DinRelative Density Dependence and Effects of Spin Orientation on Electron Acoustic Waves in Magnetized Rotating PlasmaM.Phil 2015-2019
Muhammad Junaid IqbalDr. Noor Abbas DinInvestigation of Electron Energy probability Function in Inductively Coupled Neon-Argon mixture plasmaM.Phil 2016-2020
JahanzebDr. Noor Abbas DinSynthesis of ZnO Nano Particles from Sol-Gel MethodM.Phil 2014-2020
Malik Muhammad QasimDr. Noor Abbas DinSynthesis of ZnO NPs for UV Filtering Applications Using Citrus Aurantium Leaf and Peel ExtractsM.Phil 2014-2020
Salahud DinDr. TabassumNasirDetermination of reaction cross section of 11.67 MeV/ N Pb 208 with Au197 Target using passive detector.M.Phil.2003-05
Nisar AhmadDr. Tabassum NasirPassive radon dosimetry in soil of D. I. Khan city using CR-39 detector.M.Phil.2008-10
Ghulam Mujtaba ShahDr. Tabassum NasirStudy of indoor radon and radon in drinking water using CR-39 nuclear track detectors in Tehsil Kulachi District D. I. Khan.M.Phil.2008-10
Sohail RizwanDr. Tabassum NasirAssessment of Radiological Hazard of NORM in Sheikh Budin Hills Limestone Near Pezu, Pakistan.M.Phil.2010-12
Amna KhurshidDr. Tabassum NasirAssessment of Entrance Skin Doses (ESD) in Various Diagnostic X-rays examinations at DINAR cancer hospital D. I. KhanM.Phil.2014-16
Sumaira YasmeenDr. Tabassum NasirAssessment of Photon Beam Attenuation Due to Patient Immobilization and Positioning Devices in Radiation Therapy at DINAR Cancer Hospital D. I. KhanM.Phil.2015-17
Sami UllahDr. Tabassum NasirEvaluation of Shielding Properties of Various Local Items in D. I. Khan Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy (DINAR), KPKM.Phil.2014-16
Nadia SultanaDr. Tabassum NasirAccuracy Assessment of Computerized Treatment Planning System (TPS) in Calculating Off-Field Doses in Water Phantom at DINAR Cancer Hospital D. I. KhanM.Phil.2014-16
Zahid GhafoorDr. Tabassum NasirModification in Dose Distribution for Radiotherapy Treatment PlanningM.Phil.2015-17
Sadaf ParveenDr. Tabassum NasirQuality Control Procedure of Clinical Nuclear Medicine Instruments and Comparisons with Standard Protocol (At DINAR Cancer Hospital D .I .Khan)M.Phil.2016-18
Sajid IshaqDr. Tabassum NasirEvaluation of Natural Radioactivity & Radiological Hazards in Water Samples of Tehsil Tounsa, PakistanM.Phil.2015-17
Rehan KhanDr. Tabassum NasirVerification of Photon Beam Attenuation Factors for Different Attenuating Materials Used in Treatment Time Calculation for Cobalt- 60 Beam at DINARM.Phil.2015-17
Rehan KhanDr. Tabassum NasirVerification of Photon Beam Attenuation Factors for Different Attenuating Materials Used in Treatment Time Calculation for Cobalt- 60 Beam at DINARM.Phil.2015-17
Atta Muhammad KhosaDr. Tabassum NasirRadiation Dose Calculation and Effect of Decay on TreatmentM.Phil.2013-15
Alveena ZahraDr. Tabassum NasirAnnual and Seasonal Variations of Surface Electric Field for Tarbela Station, Pakistan: A Study of Plausible InfluencesM.Phil.2016-18
Shahzania SiyalDr. Tabassum NasirVariation of Percentage Depth Dose (PDD) along Central Axis with Field Size for Co-60 MachineM.Phil.2018-20
Hadia SaeedDr. Tabassum NasirEvaluation of the Physical Characteristics of Cerrobend Blocks and Comparison between Two Different Clinically Used Shielding MaterialsM.Phil.2018-20
Muhammad JunaidDr. Tabassum NasirAssessment of Chamber Stem Effect for Former ChamberM.Phil.2018-20
Yasir KhanDr. Tabassum NasirPerformance Evaluation of Dose Callibrators (CAPINTEC CRC-25R) for Optimum usesM.Phil.2018-20
Qurat-ul-AinDr. Tabassum NasirAnalysis of Quality Parameters & Mean Glandular Dose Estimation at Mammography SystemM.Phil.2019-21
Zarmina GulDr. Tabassum NasirAnalysis of Radar Cross-Section Measurement and Estimation Techniques for Marine PlatformM.Phil.2019-21
Kiramat ullah KhanDr. Tabassum NasirEffect of Fields Size Dependence on Dose Rate on Co-60 Teletherapy Unit at BINORM.Phil.2020-22
Muhammad Zahid KhanDr. Tabassum NasirAssessment of Depth Dependence on Percent Depth Dose & Clinical Audit of COBALT- 60 Teletherapy Unit at AECH-BINORM.Phil.2020-22
Ali Nawaz MuhammadDr. Tabassum NasirCentral Axis and Peripheral Dose of Different Wedge Filters for Co-60 Teletherapy PhotonM.Phil.2020-22
Waris AliDr. Tabassum Nasir­Quality Control Procedure of Different Parameters of X- rays System and Optimization of Radiation Doses to the PatientM.Phil.2020-22
Tatheer ZahraDr. Tabassum NasirQuality Assurance of Multi-Well Type Gamma Counter and its Applications in Radioimmunoassay ProcedureM.Phil.2020-22
Tahir Ali ShahDr. Tabassum NasirEvaluation of Dosimetric Characteristics of Cobalt-60 Radiation BeamM.Phil.2020-22
Syeda Huma ZiaDr. Tabassum NasirMeasurement of Percent Depth Doses and Output Factor for Irregular Radiation Fields and Comparison with Interpolated Data of Treatment Planning SystemM.Phil.2020-22
Sofia YousufDr. Tabassum NasirA Systematic Quality Assurance and Output Consistency of Cobalt-60 Radiotherapy Machine for Performance Evaluation at DINAR Cancer Hospital D. I. KhanM.Phil.2020-22
Muhammad SajjadDr. Tabassum NasirPerformance Evaluation of SPECT Gamma Camera (Symbia) for Best Clinical Use in Nuclear Medicine Department, DINAR Cancer Hospital D. I. KhanM.Phil.2020-22
Muhammad FayyazDr. Tabassum NasirDependency of Dosimetric Parameters, Percentage Depth, Tissue Maximum Ratio & Dose Rate on Regular Field Size for Co-60 Photon BeamM.Phil.2020-22
Syed Zuhair Abbas ShahDr. Tabassum NasirBand Gap Engineering of Metal-Halide Perovskites via Substitutional Doping with Transition Metals: A First-Principles StudyPh.D.2018-21
Mr. Ali MuradDr. Aftab AhmadThesis: Critical numbers of color and flavors in NJL model and QCD Phase diagram M.Phil(2017-19)
Publication: Color-flavor dependence of the Nambu-Jona-Lasinio model and QCD phase diagram A Ahmad, A Murad Chinese Physics C 46 (8), 1-13 (2022) Category: W, IF=3.5
Sabiha MasudDr. Aftab AhmadSingle Top Quark Produced in Association with di-BosonsM.Phil(2018-20)
Irdhad HussainDr. Aftab AhmadMass Spectra of Charmonium and Bottomonium from Contact Interaction PotentialM.Phil(2020-22)
Muhammad AzherDr. Aftab ahmadThesis: The proper time regularization of effective potential in the NJL modelM.Phil(2021-23)
Publication: Robust features of QCD phase diagram through a Contact Interaction model for quarks: A view from the effective potential Aftab Ahmad, Muhammad Azher . Alfredo Raya arXiv:2308.13210 [hep ph],European Physical Journal, A (2023) Category: W, IF=3.1
Akif FarooqDr. Aftab ahmadThesis: Schwinger Pair production from Contact Interaction model of quarks.M.Phil(2021-23)
Publication: Schwinger Pair Production in QCD from Flavor Dependent Contact Interaction Model of Quarks A Ahmad, A Farooq arXiv:2302.13265 [hep-ph], 15, Submitted Eur.Phys. J.Plus Category:W, IF=3.7
Mumtaz KhanDr. Aftab ahmadLight hadron masses for higher number of colors and flavors Publication: in Process.M.Phil(2021-23)
Ameer HamzahDr. Hassnain Qaisrani.A First-principles Analysis of phase transition in CdSe under Hydrostatic Pressure.M.Phil2020-22
Aqib HayatDr. Hassnain Qaisrani.Comparative study of radio frequency dielectric barrier discharge produced by Helium and Argon at atmospheric pressureM.Phil2020-22
Sohail HassanDr. Hassnain Qaisrani.Strain induced electronic and thermoelectric properties of MoS2and MoSe2 monolayers.M.Phil2022-24
Fiaz MuhammadDr. Hassnain Qaisrani.First principal study to tune the electronic and thermoelectric properties of TiXO(X=S, Se) through biaxial tensile and compressional strain.M.Phil2022-24
Sohail HassanDr. Hassnain Qaisrani.Strain induced electronic and thermoelectric properties of MoSO and MoSeO monolayers.M.Phil2022-24
Hafiz Muhammad Junaid SarwarDr. Hassnain Qaisrani.Green syntheses of Nickel Oxide Nanoparticles Using Java-Plum leavesM.Phil2022-24
Shoaib ManzoorDr. Hassnain Qaisrani.Green syntheses of Nickel Oxide Nanoparticles using Daffodils leaves.M.Phil2022-24
Aslam KhanDr. Hafeez UllahDevelopment of Polypyrolle and Manganese dioxide-based composites for Anodic Electrode in Supercapcitor Application.M.Phil2015-2017
Naveed AkhtarDr. Hafeez UllahThe phase microstructure Analysis and dielectric properties of Nb and Al co doping in CaTiO3 ceramics for telecommunication ApplicationM.Phil2015-2017
Sajjad AhmadDr. Hafeez UllahSynthesis of Zinc Oxide Thin Films for Photo electrochemical ApplicationsM.Phil2015-2017
Syed Muhammad AhsanDr. Hafeez UllahDevelopment of Hybrid Graphene Based Material and its applicationsM.Phil2020-2022
Riffat ShaheenDr. Hafeez UllahSynthesis and Characterization of Terbium Substituted Strontium Based Spinel FerritesM.Phil2020-2022
Waleed ZamanDr. Hafeez UllahChromium Doped Tin Oxide (SnO2) Nanoparticles for Hydrogen Gas SensorM.Phil2020-2022
Syed Muhammad Jalees Raza ShahDr. Hafeez UllahDevelopment of Graphene Based Materials by Wet Precipitation MethodM.Phil2020-2022
Muhammad JunaidDr. Hafeez UllahSurfactant Mediated Cobalt doped Ferrite Nanoparticles: Hydrothermal Synthesis and Characterization for Electrical ApplicationsM.Phil2022-2024 (Spring)
Israr AhmadDr. Hafeez UllahUltrafast Driven Sonochemical Synthesis of ZnO/MnO2 Nano Composite for Super Capacitor ApplicationsM.Phil2022-2024 (Fall)
Abrar AhmadDr. Hafeez UllahSynthesis of Undoped and Fe-doped TiO2 Nanoparticles by hydrothermal method for Removal of Organic Compound from WaterM.Phil2022-2024 (Fall)
Waqas Ahmad KhanDr. Hafeez UllahThe Study Of Structural, chemical, Optical.Dielectrical And Storage Prosperities Of Mn Doped SnO2 NanoparticlesM.Phil2022-2024 (Fall)
Arbass Ahmad KhanDr. Hafeez UllahDevelopment of Graphene Based Materials for the Photo catalytic ApplicationM.Phil2022-2024 (Fall)
Bilal KhanDr. Hafeez UllahCo Precipitation Method followed by Ultrafast Sonochemical Synthesis of Cu/Nb doped TiO2 nanoparticles for the removal of Organic compound from waterM.Phil2022-2024 (Fall)
Muhammad AsifDr. Hafeez UllahThe decorations of Metal and Metal oxide Nanoparticle on the graphene Nanoplatelets by chemical Method.M.Phil2022-2024 (Fall)
Zulfiqar AhmadDr. Hafeez UllahUltrafast Sonochemical synthesis and Characterizations of ZnO based nanoparticles using Plant ExtratM.Phil2022-2024 (Fall)
Muhammad AmirDr. Hafeez UllahFabrication and Characterizations of Spinel Ferrite Based Materials and their ApplicationsM.Phil2022-2024 (Fall)
Muhammad IjazDr. Hafeez UllahDevelopment of Ferrite Based Nanostructure Materials and their ApplicationsPh.D.2021-2024
SameeullahDr. Saeed UllahSynthesis and Characterization of Polyaniline and Vanadium Oxide-Based Composites for Energy Storage ApplicationsM.Phil2015-17
Mohsin SaeedDr. Saeed UllahInfluence of Al2O3 and SiO2 Addition on the Structural, Morphological and Dielectric Properties of KNbO3M.Phil(2020-22)
FaisalDr. Saeed UllahStudy of the Structural, Morphological and Optical Properties of Undoped and Cu Doped SnO2M.Phil(2021-23)
Ghulam MustafaDr. Saeed UllahInfluence of Cu-Doping on the Structural, Morphological, and Optical Properties of TiO2M.Phil(2021-23)
Mahnoor BalochDr. Saeed UllahSynthesis and Characterization of Undoped and Co-Doped SnO2 Prepared via Mixed-Oxide RouteM.Phil(2021-23)
Muhammad YaqoobDr. Saeed UllahStructural, Morphological, and Optical Properties of Prepared via Mixed Oxide RouteM.Phil(2021-23)
Saira KhanDr. Saeed UllahElectric, Dielectric, and Magnetic Properties of Spinel Ferrites for High Frequency ApplicationsM.Phil(2022-24)
Umaira IramDr. Saeed UllahImpact of Cerium on Structural, Magnetic and Electrical Properties of Barium‑Based Spinel FerritesM.Phil(2022-24)
Munawar Abbas Dr. Saeed UllahModeling the Structural, Elastic, Optical, and Electronic Properties of Silver-Based Ternary Chloro-Perovskites Xagcl3 (X = K and Rb)M.Phil(2022-24)
Uzma GulDr. Saeed UllahInvestigation of the Structural, Elastic, Optical, and Electronic Properties of Halide Perovskites Using Density Functional TheoryM.Phil(2022-24)
Ghulam MurtazaDr. Saeed UllahAb Initio Insight into the Structural, Mechanical, Electronic, and Optical Characteristics of the Titanium Based Oxide Perovskite QTiO3 (Q = Cs, Yb)M.Phil(2022-24)
Imran AslamDr. Saeed UllahAb Initio Insight into the Structural, Mechanical, Electronic, and Optical Characteristics of the Lithium Based Oxide Perovskite LiYO3 (Y = Ga, Pa)M.Phil(2022-24)
Muhammad IrfanDr. Saeed UllahDensity Functional Quantum Computations of the Structural, Mechanical, and Optoelectronic Properties of Inorganic Perovskites QInO3 (Q = Nd, Dy)M.Phil(2022-24)
Saeed NawazDr. Muhammad IlyasMathematical Modeling Of Relativistic Compact Charged Spheres using Gauss Bonnet GravityM.Phil2014-16
Muhammad WasifDr. Muhammad IlyasBounds on Modified f(R, G, T) Gravity Models from Energy ConditionsM.Phil2020-22
Nasreen GhafoorDr. Muhammad IlyasInfluence of Modifications of Gravity on Static Spherical Wormhole ModelsM.Phil2020-22
Asma BibiDr. Muhammad IlyasDifferent Aspects Of Relativistic Charged Compact Stars in Modified GravityM.Phil2020-22
Muhammad TahirDr. Muhammad IlyasExploring the Stability Of Gravastars in Modified f(G,T) GravityM.Phil2020-22
Mujeeb Ur RehmanDr. Muhammad IlyasNew Rotating Ads/Ds Black Hole Solutions in Modified f(R) GravityM.Phil2020-22
Syeda Eman RubabDr. Muhammad IlyasExploring The Viability Of Bouncing Cosmology in f(G) GravityM.Phil2022-24
Asma AnfalDr. Muhammad IlyasAnisotropic Charged Compact Objects In Krori-Barua Space-time under f(R,G) GravityM.Phil2022-24
Sabahat MahnoorDr. Muhammad IlyasThe Role Of Curvature Scalar In Bouncing Cosmology within f(R) GravityM.Phil2022-24
Muhammad TauqeerDr. Muhammad IlyasExploring the Dynamics Of Non-Commutative Wormhole in f(G) GravityM.Phil2022-24
Ayesha SiddiquiDr. Muhammad Ilyasf(R,T) Modified Gravity Theories and High-Density Celestial Objects in Karmarkar-Tolman SpacetimeM.Phil2022-24
Natasha SaleemDr. Muhammad IlyasExploring the Behavior of Compact Stars in Karmarkar-Tolman Spacetime under Higher order Gauss bonnet GravityM.Phil2022-24
Zair MuhammadDr. Javed Iqbal Effect on the microwave dielectric properties, microstructure, and phase due to zirconium doping on the B-site of the manganese doped magnesium titanate ceramics calcined at 1150 C/5h.M.Phil(2020-22)
Hameed ullah Dr. Javed Iqbal Effect of Calcium Titanate Addition on the Phase, Microstructure and Microwave Dielectric Properties of (Mg0.95Co0.05) (Ti0.95sn0.5)03 ceramics calcined at 1200C.M.Phil(2020-22)
Khalid UsmanDr. Javed Iqbal Effect of Increasing Calcination Temperature and Partial Doping of Cobalt on the: Phase, Microwave Dielectric Properties, and Microstructure of the MgTiO3 Solid Ceramics.M.Phil(2020-22)
Muhammad Waqas IshaqDr. Fawad KhanTheoretical study of electronic and thermoelectric properties of ZnX-Al2OS (X=O and S) heterostructuresM.Phil2021-23
Shanza BibiDr. Fawad KhanFirst principal investigation of strain induced electronic and photocatalytic response of AlN-MoX2(S, Se and Te)M.Phil2022-24
Naseem FatimaDr. Fawad KhanTheoretical study of SiC-CrX2 (X=S, Se) van der Waal heterostructures for thermoelectric applicationsM.Phil2022-24
Mehwish AliDr. Fawad KhanTheoretical study of electronic and thermoelectric properties AsXY (X=S, Se and Y= Cl, Br, I) monolayers.M.Phil2022-24
Misbah Anwar FatimaDr. Fawad KhanTheoretical investigation of strained induced electronic and thermoelectric properties of of monolayers X2OY (X=Ga, In; Y=S, Se)M.Phil2022-24
AbdullahDr. Fawad KhanQuantum Computational analysis of structural, electronic and thermoelectric properties of AN-TiO2 (A=Al, Ga)M.Phil2022-24
Haroon Ur RashidDr. Fawad KhanStrained induced structural, electronic, thermoelectric and photocatalytic response of AlN-XSSe (X=Cr, Mo, W) heterostructuresM.Phil2022-24
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